A Florida local celebrity was forced to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection after a federal judge ordered him to pay close to $1 million to settle a lawsuit, as reported by News Ok in an April 3, 2013 news article.

In the man’s bankruptcy petition, he listed his debts being $1.2 million, with the lawsuit judgment against him being the biggest creditor. The man is considered to be a local celebrity in Florida. He is known for operating the G.W. Zoo in Wynnewood, which he has been in charge of since the late 1990s. Majority of the man’s assets were tools used to help run the local zoo. According to the petition the man has roughly $127,700.00 in assets, with many of them being vehicles used at the zoo. Additionally, the man listed 43 tigers and five black bears as personal property owned by him and looking to exclude them from assets to liquidate.

Along with the bankruptcy petition, the man submitted an affidavit stating that he has been unemployed since February and not receiving a monthly income.  This affidavit was also submitted to the federal judge who ruled against him in an attempt to lower the judgment. There is no news at this time whether the judgment will be lowered or appealed.

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