Akai Gurley’s family has filed suit after Gurley was fatally wounded by a police officer in Brooklyn. Family members allege that this is just the latest newsworthy wrongful death case that calls police office behavior and training into question.

Named in the lawsuit, which was filed last week, are police officer Peter Liang, the officer’s then-partner Shaun Landau, the city of New York, the New York Police Department, and the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Mr. Gurley’s estate and his daughter, now two years old.

Gurley was shot last November in an East New York neighborhood when the two officers entered the building where Gurley and his girlfriend were on the staircase. One shot was unintentionally fired by Liang, hitting Gurley in the chest and killing him. One of the challenges in the case is the fact that NYCHA could be held responsible for the poor lighting in the staircases, although those who have filed the suit for Gurley’s family believe that Liang’s negligence on the job is still an unacceptable cause of the man’s death.

Officer behavior in this case is being questioned because the suit alleges that neither officer on the scene requested any kind of medical assistance after the accident happened. Since Liang had been on the job just 18 months, the family wants answers to difficult questions about whether Liang had been trained in proper protocol, too. The suit argues that officers may require more training about “the use and abuse of power” while out in the field carrying out their duties. While it is not argued that Liang intentionally fired his weapon, Gurley ended up paying the price. Family members are hopeful that the wrongful death case can empower them with the ability to move on after such a gruesome accident.

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