A group of workers were painting on a ceiling when the movable scaffolds they were standing on collapsed and they fell almost 20 feet. The workers sued the Battery Park City Authority and a condominium association according to a May 27, 2014 New York Law Journal article. They wished to recover damages related to their injuries. In other words, they were seeking for compensation. In such an accident, one may, depending on the injury, sue for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

The workers claimed that the court should grant them partial summary judgment. If they were granted this judgment, then that would mean that their claim was true that there were no issues of fact, and then a judge could grant them money for damages.

These workers used Labor Law Subsection 240(1) to make their claim. They said that, in violation of the law, they were not given proper safety devices that would have prevented them from falling.

On the other hand, the groups they were suing said that they had instructed the workers on extending “outriggers,” but the court did not agree that this constituted a “safety device.” Furthermore, the court found that the workers had done their duty in proving their case that they did not have a proper safety device at the time of the fall. Under the Labor Law, the two groups were liable for the workers’ injuries. Therefore, the court granted the workers summary judgment.

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