When someone is injured by a defective condition, that individual may be entitled to compensation for their injury. In one case, a man was injured at a worksite in Brooklyn, New York due to a defective roadway, sought compensation for injuries related to the accident according to an April 28, 2014 New  York Law Journal article.

The worker was carrying a portable air compressor across the street at the worksite when it fell and hurt his right wrist. The man went to a hospital where he was treated for a crushed and fractured wrist. These injuries also lead to nerve damage. The doctors had to use a technique called “open reduction” to help his wrist. In addition, the man had to use an external device for support for a time. Even after months of physical therapy, the man faced regular pain, burning, swelling and perspiration in his wrist due to the nerve damage. The man never regained full strength and was assigned to a different position at work, one that did not require extensive physical labor. This was “a less lucrative position,” according to the article.

The details matter

The man claims that he fell because a temporary road was not constructed properly. In New York City, temporary construction roads that abut permanent roads must have a flush connection. The injured man claims that this was not the case. He said that the road was loose and soft and that this created an unsafe environment that caused the air compressor to injure him.

The lawyers for the construction companies claimed that the disorder stemming from the nerve pain was not related to this accident. They asserted he had recovered and could go back to work in his prior position. In the end, the two sides settled and agreed to pay the man $1.9 million. He had sought money for pain and suffering (past and future) and for lost wages.

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