A New York mother was ordered to pay her ex-boyfriend’s legal fees after having him arrested for his failure to pay child support, as reported by The New York Law Journal in a January 10th, 2013 article.

The man was arrested upon entering a bankruptcy courthouse, where he was having his bankruptcy petition reviewed. Upon being arrested the man petitioned the court to have the charges dropped. The court found that the bankruptcy court had placed a stay order on the collection of pre-bankruptcy child support due to the man’s financial hardships. For her failure to observe the stay order the court held the mother in contempt. However, the man petitioned seeking legal fees.

The court ordered the mother to pay $10,000 to the man for legal fees and other costs that he incurred for her failure to follow the stay order. The judge stated in her reasoning that the mother acted with good intentions but that the man’s failure to pay support was not willful.

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