When one has a case in both in Family Court and New York State Supreme Court, it is possible to combine, or consolidate, these case cases into one court only. However, that is not always permitted as evidenced by a case mentioned by the New York Law Journal’s August 14, 2014 edition.

A family had a case in Supreme Court and Kings County Family Court. The wife wanted to consolidate both cases by moving them to Supreme Court. The husband asked that the court to stop the wife’s motion to move the case. The reasoning was that moving the case would be “prejudicial” towards himself and the child. The husband’s lawyer said that the wife was just “forum shopping” by requesting the case transfer because she was not happy with the way the case was going in that family court.

The wife also wanted to obtain sole decision-making power, as well as legal custody over the child. Often, when a couple has a child and custody is split, one parent has the decision-making power. While parents should talk about important decisions like medical care or education, the parent with sole decision-making power will have the final decision.

The judge decided not to grant the wife’s motion. The wife had an active voice and brought the case to the family court case. Therefore, the judge thought the family court should keep that case as opposed to unnecessarily moving it to the supreme court.

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