divorce paymentsA Westchester Supreme Court Judge ruled that a plaintiff, a husband’s maintenance payments and payments for attorney and court fees were unreasonable, according to a New York Law Journal article.

The requests

The wife was requesting an order of child support for $1,874 as well as an additional 71% towards statuary add-ons. She was also seeking that the husband pays for half of the mortgage and real estate taxes and maintenance payments of $1,443.

The court decides

The husband made it clear that the wife was misrepresenting the amount of income she makes and how much money she needs for herself and the child in question. The court determined that there was not enough evidence to prove that he made the amount of income that the wife was claiming. The court stated that spousal maintenance and child support be based on reasonable needs of the wife. The court decided in favor of the husband stating that the maintenance payments, including child support, should be limited to $2,000 per month.