Safety first

After an accident, you should always check on everyone’s safety. If anyone is injured, then you should call 911 for an ambulance. You should do this before taking photos of the vehicles involved in your accident and the accident scene itself.

Another basic rule of accident photography may seem obvious—you should never put yourself at risk to take any pictures. In other words, do not cross a highway just to get a wide shot of all the cars involved in the accident.

Also, if the vehicles must be moved to the side of the road for safety reasons, then you will need to accept you may not get the best pictures possible. Remember that as always, safety comes first.

Types of photos to take

There are a few types of photos you should take at an accident scene. The basic types include close-up photos of damage to your vehicle, whether it is a car, motorcycle, bus or truck, and close-up photos of damage to the other vehicle. Remember that a flash may ruin your photo if your car particularly shiny. Still, never delete a photo while at the accident scene. If you are using a digital camera or your cell phone’s camera, then your photo may come out fine, even if it looks bad on a small preview screen.

The next type of photo to take is of the cars themselves and their positions.  You can even take a few photos of the interior of the vehicles if damaged. This can be especially helpful for insurance adjusters as well as lawyers. This is one way to understand how the accident happened and to determine which party’s insurance should pay for the damages.

Also, don’t forget to take photos of the accident scene. Did someone run a stop sign because a tree was covering it? Did either car leave skid marks, indicating that the driver tried to stop? Was there a lack of skid marks indicating that the driver may not have tried to brake?

Choosing a camera at the scene of the accident

Finally, what type of camera should you use? A digital camera, a decent quality cell phone camera or a film disposable camera would work for these types of photos. Additionally, they are easy to carry with you or keep in your car.

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