If you are one of the many Americans facing mounting medical debt, then know that you do have options. Unfortunately, even with health insurance, many individuals who have sudden accidents or emergencies find themselves buried in medical debt. With nowhere else to turn, it’s easy to fall behind making payments or to begin feeling like you will never get on top of the bills.

The rise of medical debt in America has led many to consider bankruptcy as a way to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Although taking care of yourself in the aftermath of an accident or when surgery is suddenly required is often the right thing to do, you might discover afterwards that there are very high costs for this kind of treatment.

When you need sudden medical attention, your focus should be on healing and recovering, but you cannot do this successfully if you are burdened by high levels of medical debt. Even when you have made your best effort to make payments on these bills, you may still be struggling to keep on top of your other finances.

Sadly, these situations throw families into financial jeopardy every day. Medical debt may be discharged in bankruptcy, but you should get specific advice from a bankruptcy attorney about your situation. There is no shame in getting the medical care that you need, but you should set up a plan to discuss all of your outstanding debts and possible solutions for getting on top of the situation. For many, there is no way out but to file bankruptcy and start fresh. This empowers you to move forward into a future where you can focus on healing and getting better instead of constant stress about how you are going to pay your medical bills. Consult a bankruptcy lawyer for your options.

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