Taxicabs and liveries are one of the most common modes of transportation used in the New York State. Though the public trusts its taxi drivers to be licensed and experienced, sometimes, despite having taken all necessary precautions, passengers and pedestrians fall victim to unfortunate accidents.

In the event of an accident, the passenger retains certain rights under the law. It is the duty of a cab driver to transport their passenger safely to the desired location – upon failure to fulfill this obligation, the driver or the owner of the taxi is liable to pay the necessary compensation.

As the victim of an accident involving a taxicab, following any necessary safety measures such as calling an ambulance, it is first necessary to contact the police to ensure that the correct authorities handle the situation. Secondly, the victim or their lawyer hired investigator must collect all obtainable information from the accident site. This includes the name of the driver, the name of the taxicab owner, the cab number, and if possible, the driver’s insurance information as well. If other passengers and/or pedestrians are involved in an accident, then an attempt should be made to gather information about them as well. The next step should be to contact a personal injury attorney who will then review the case. An experienced attorney will help the victim organize the case, gain access to relevant police reports, gather essential information from the accident site and arrange medical experts to provide medical proof necessary to provide the plaintiff sustained serious injuries.

Under the law, a victim is entitled to compensation for the damages incurred due to the negligence of another party. This serves as a means to cover the cost of medical expenses and any financial hardships resulting from physical injury following an accident. Apart from physical disabilities, the victim may also suffer from mental and psychological distress. Therefore, an attorney will not only ensure the deserved compensation but will also make arrangements to cover the costs of the plaintiff psychological trauma the victim undergoes. The compensation varies from person to person owing to their circumstances.

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