A Navy veteran recently lost her lawsuit in which she claimed that the Northport VA, a New York medical center operated by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, committed medical malpractice. The veteran was being treated for back and knee pain. She faced disc degeneration and disc herniation according to a November 14, 2014 New York Law Journal article.

After she had found out about that condition, she went for follow-up visits at the VA center for pain control. She was even admitted to the emergency room for an injection intended to relieve pain. The issue of malpractice came up in a medical exam. A doctor performed a “knee-jerk” exam and the woman claimed this was done improperly and caused harm. Therefore, she sued for damages. However, the judge found that not to be the case. The government submitted information to the court that the doctor did not deviate from the standard of care in his profession. If a doctor deviates, or does not follow standard protocols, and this results in an injury or suffering, then the doctor has committed medical malpractice. The patient did not provide evidence to the court that would have contested the evidence that the government provided. Thus, the judge did not grant summary judgment, meaning that there were not facts in question in this case, and it would not go to trial.

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