Sleeping pills like Restoril and Ambien can increase your chances of being in an accident, according to recent research. These medications can double your chances your chances of being in a serious accident, even if the effects of the medication should have worn off by the time you drive. The same study indicated that taking sleeping pills could increase a driver’s risk of being in an accident by the same amount as having too much alcohol.

Partly as a result of these findings, the Food and Drug Administration told makers of sleeping pills to reduce the recommended dosage of these pills because research indicated that the impact of these medicines taken at night could stay in the bloodstream for long enough to influence morning driving. Many people using sleeping pills are not even aware that the impacts of their usage could stretch well into the morning hours.

The FDA recommended that doctors aim to give individuals with sleeping problems the lowest possible dose. The medical records and driving records of more than 400,000 individuals were analyzed in order to arrive at these results. If you are already taking sleeping pills and are concerned about their impact stretching into your morning commute, now is a good time to schedule an appointment with your physician to discuss options.

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