A New York man filed suit against a building owner after falling on a sidewalk outside of the owner’s building, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a February 20, 2013 news article.

The man argued that he fell because of a defect in a metal cellar door that led down into the owner’s building. Only employees of a grocery store used the door, which was located on the ground floor of the building. The building’s owner argued that he had not been given any prior notice of the defective condition. The court ruled that the owner did not need to be placed on notice to have liability. However, the court reasoned that the door was only used by grocery store’s employees therefore the owner’s liability did not extend to the general public. The court did note that the door could not become a hazard to the public since it was located on the sidewalk, but his liability to correct the situation was only to the extent stated in the building’s contract.

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