When driving on the highway, one needs to be very cautious because cars are frequently changing from one lane to another. While on the highway, a mechanic was merging into the left lane, and, as a result, he struck a sign that was being pulled by a truck as reported by the New York Law Journal in a March 18, 2013 news article.

The mechanic sought recovery from the driver and owner of the truck and the company that was responsible for maintaining and inspecting the highway. The mechanic claimed that he saw the truck, but it was barely moving and that the “traffic cones had been removed moments before he reached the area.” In addition, the mechanic claimed that there was no indication that “the left lane had been closed,” and the sign was not in use, it was merely being moved.

On the other hand, the driver of the truck claimed that the lane it was in was not being used by other highway drivers, but rather the lane was being inspected. In addition, the truck driver claimed that since he was employed by New York State Department of Highways, and he was at work, he was not responsible for the accident because the mechanic was unable to show that the truck driver engaged in reckless behavior.

Due to the accident, the mechanic sustained head and jaw injuries and had to undergo surgery. As a result, the mechanic claimed that the accident resulted in him having slight brain injury, whereas the opposing side claimed that he did not have any brain injury. The mechanic wanted to recover for his lost earnings and pain and suffering both in the past and future. The case settled for about $750,000.

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