Sonoma County, which is located in the State of California, is widely known for its wine and beautiful scenery. Consequently, it attracts many tourists. However, it is currently going through financial difficulties. The roads in Sonoma are “crumbling” and it has a “completely failed road system” as reported by Thomson Reuters News and Insight in a May 29, 2013 article.

The county has spent a little over four million dollars the past year and in 2003 it spent a little over seven and a half million dollars to fix the roads. There was a report, which was recently done in March that revealed that more money is needed to fix the county’s public roads and sidewalks, it is estimated that about a little over one and a half billion dollars are needed. The report further revealed that among all the counties in California, Sonoma’s roads are the “second-worst” even though it is one of the flourishing counties within the state of California.”

The people of Sonoma County are puzzled as to why the roads are deteriorating while the country is bringing in money for tourism. Many people like to take bike rides, however many have stopped doing so because many bike accidents have occurred due to the deteriorating roads. Also, driving a car is not safe as the cars get damaged when they hit potholes.

Sonoma’s money also goes to salaries for its employees and to pension plans. The county has loans, which it took out to fund its pension program. It is estimated that this year the county will pay out close to 500 million for its employee’ salaries. Sonoma is one of the counties that has its own pension fund. Thus, it has to pay its own insurance.

The county is going to try its best to reduce spending within the next few years to avoid bankruptcy.

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