A lot of New Yorkers will consult a personal injury attorney at some point in their lives. Every day people throughout the state slip and fall in public places, are bitten by dogs, or injured in a car accident. Although this branch of the law is so widespread and has the potential to touch nearly everyone, there are a lot misconceptions about personal injury attorneys. Three of the most prevalent ones are explained and dispelled below.

Any attorney can handle a personal injury case

One of the most stubborn myths is that if someone is licensed to practice law, then they can handle a personal injury case. Consequently, when some people are injured, they approach a brother-in-law who is a divorce lawyer or the attorney who handles their business contracts. The truth is that handling a personal injury case calls for a specialized skillset.

Personal injury attorneys must understand the medical and financial ramifications of a client’s injuries, be a skilled advocate, and know how to effectively argue a case in court. These are not abilities that every attorney possesses by default.

All personal injury lawyers are ruthless ambulance chasers

All of us have seen cartoons of ambitious personal injury attorneys holding onto their hat with one hand and grasping a briefcase in the other as they chase an ambulance to the hospital. It’s an unflattering image that makes these lawyers look like they only care about taking advantage of the injured.

While this description may suit some lawyers (there are cold and ruthless individuals in every profession), the overwhelming majority of personal injury attorneys get their cases from clients who approach them directly as well as referrals from past clients, fellow lawyers, and even medical personnel. These referrals are a testament to the ethics and integrity possessed by the typical personal injury attorney.

They only care about money

People see attorneys in general and personal injury lawyers in particular as greedy and money-obsessed. The complaint is that they ignore “common” injury victims in favor of those that could represent a huge settlement or verdict. While some attorneys may run their practice along these lines, most truly care about getting justice for their clients. Many personal injury victims remember their legal advocates with gratitude and say that their attorney always seemed to have their best interests at heart.

If you are injured, a New York personal injury attorney will help you assign a value to your damages and be your advocate during negotiations with insurers and even in court if necessary. Although myth may suggest otherwise, their professional goal is always to help injured people get compensation for their losses and hold negligent parties accountable. Jayson Lutzky is a compassionate accident and personal injury lawyer offering free in-person consultations. In the event of serious injury, home and hospital visits may be available. Call 718-514-6619 to learn more or visit www.mynewyorkcitylawyer.com/accidents.