Divorce is never easy, but same-sex couples have their own unique concerns when it comes time to end the marriage. Read on to learn more about to handle this situation appropriately.

Talk to an attorney first

You need a New York divorce attorney who has experience dealing with these kinds of special issues. Since rules about custody and support depend on New York law, make sure you hire an attorney who has represented people in divorces like this before. The attorney you hire should always be someone who makes you feel comfortable and confident. Set up a meeting with your New York divorce lawyer before agreeing to hire him or her.

Determine whether you already have agreements in place

Some same-sex couples may have their own agreements regarding issues like alimony or division of property. This is usually in the form of a prenuptial agreement. If legally valid, documents like this will dictate certain aspects of your divorce.

New York law will determine child support based on a formula, but you can ask your attorney for more information about this process during your first meeting together so that you have a good idea what to expect.

Make sure you work for what is best for the kids

Emotions run high in any divorce, but there is no reason to add extra stress on any shared children. To the extent that you can, keep their routines the same. This can be very important for helping children cope with the stress most effectively. You and your spouse may be tempted to fight, but work through these issues privately. Try to maintain stability between separate houses, even if this is hard. Divorce may be difficult for you, but it is also very hard on children going through the process.

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