Some people cannot wait for their divorce to become finalized. However, this might not actually end their disastrous relationship, rather it might be the beginning of a challenging cordial relationship as the parents have to try to make things work for their children. To have a cordial relationship with one’s ex-spouse, here are some tips that one should keep in mind: one should try and accommodate his or her former spouse’s reasonable needs to cancel or change the visitation schedule, say, “hi” and be friendly when the ex-spouse pick-ups or drop off the children, and  try and be nice to the new girlfriend or boyfriend.

Also one should try to tell the children how good the other parent is. That will show that their parents are getting along, be nice to the people who tell you things about your ex, and ignore things that are said about your ex if it will cause you to vent about him or her. Furthermore, apologize when you make a mistake, try to celebrate each other’s birthdays with the children, ignore things that will cause a fight,  and do not criticize you ex for buying costly things or trips for the children. In addition, if the ex gets a promotion, then you should be happy,  if the ex tries to push your button by not paying what is owed in alimony, child support and child care, then ignore it, however if it continues send an email so you have a paper trial, and if he makes offensive comments then ignore them, as reported by the Huffington Post in an August 20, 2013 article.

However, after a divorce if your spouse does not pay child support, spousal maintenance or any financial obligation, then do not get angry. Just file a petition in court to enforce the amount owed.

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