Sundays are safe, April is safe and Thursdays in November are the worst. That is what a study found when it looked at the number of workplace accidents in Ireland after which workers received compensation as reported by Business and Leadership on November 6, 2014.

The study, conducted by the Injuries Board in 2013, found most (one-third) common type of accident was slip, trip and falls. Here, in the New York, this type of accident occurs if there is a defect that caused the fall or if something is broken or there is a dangerous obstacle but the employer has been notified of it and has not fixed it. Another type of dangerous workplace injury is a fall from elevated surfaces, such as scaffolding.

The number of people injured at work who received compensation has been on the rise in Ireland. It is postulated that this may be due to the rising number of workers (based on a falling unemployment rate). There were 826 claims in 2013, and there were only 807 awards in 2012. The size of the award has been on the rise, too. In 2013, the average award was €28,886 as opposed to €27,286 in 2012. Most awards were under €38,000, but there were still larger awards. For example, the largest award in 2013 was because of death.

Young workers, those aged 25-34, were the most likely to receive damage awards, and men received 70% of the awards. The article did not provide reasons as to why Thursdays were dangerous or why April was safest nor how these statistics might translate to the United States.

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