jayson lutzky

The New York City Administration of Children’s Services (ACS) is accusing a stepfather, Ruben, of sexually abusing his stepdaughter Sabrina since she was five years old. ACS argued that Sabrina’s mother, Melody, knew of and/or should have known about the abuse and failed to protect or notify the persons to protect her well-being, according the New York Law Journal in an article dated November 19, 2012. The stepdaughter testified that the stepfather starting abusing her as a child and into her teenage years. However, before the stepdaughter could complete testifying testified completely, she ran away from her foster home. The court ruled that the statement that the stepdaughter made would be used as an out of court statement needing corroboration. The court also stated that it would not use her testimony on the basis of her long history of running away from foster care. The court also made it clear that the statement that was out court could not be corroboration with the ACS caseworker and other children’s statements.

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