Restaurant jobs can be very challenging and dangerous when it comes to dealing with the kitchen and its machinery. One needs to make sure that the equipment is off when it comes to cleaning it, and he or she needs to make sure that he or she does not accidentally turn it on while cleaning it. If this is not done, then this could result in injuries. While some injuries might be minor, most are serious and could result in the loss of a limb.

Also, many teenagers or those from the younger generations are employed in the restaurant business. Thus, they have to take more precautions or be more careful when they handle kitchen machinery or equipment. Although, precautions are taken some injuries might still occur, and it might be hard to figure out how they occurred.

Recently, a Boston teenager while working in a restaurant injured himself – he chopped off his right arm – and he was rushed to the hospital as reported by the Watertown Daily Times in an April 26, 2014 article.

This was an “accident” as he was merely “cleaning a large pasta-making machine” at his place of employment.  His arm was chopped off at his right elbow, and he is in a life-threatening state. The question that many are trying to figure out is whether the machine was off while he was cleaning it, and if so when did it come on. Many people are concerned and worried about the teen, and they hope that he recovers soon.

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