As a parent, a divorce can impact your life deeply. Trying to figure out the best way to tell the children about the plans is just the beginning, because then you need to enter the stage of changing their life in a big way. As you might expect, not all children are going to react positively to these changes. You might notice emotional struggles with one or more of your children as you move forward, and it is important to know how to best support them if this happens.

Be able to recognize when a problem has evolved beyond your control. It might be time to engage a specialist, like a psychologist or therapist, when you notice daily issues with your child. Continue to remind him or her that you love them, but also know that you might want to consider other people stepping in to provide additional of support.

It is important to remember that a lot things are changing for your child’s life, even if you cannot always see this directly. To the extent that you can, try to keep some aspects of life the same. This means keeping them in the same school, if possible. It also means allowing them to continue with activities they enjoyed before the divorce. Support friendships with other children. If you feel that the issues your child is coping with could impact him or her elsewhere, then it might be worth discussing options with a teacher. Making someone at the school aware of the situation can help to structure additional support outside of your home, even if it is not done directly.

You can play a key role in supporting your child through this difficult time with as little emotional trauma as possible. Follow the above tips to succeed.

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