When the weather turns warm, and schools close, many New York parents send their children to summer camp. These camps, which can be day outings or overnight adventures, are a great way to for kids to meet new friends, enjoy nature, and have fun doing a variety of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it is also possible for children to be injured or even killed at camp due to a tragic accident or someone else’s negligence.

Below are some common summer camp injuries. If any of them befall your child, then contact a New York personal injury attorney immediately.

Severe allergic reactions

Parents are generally asked to provide a list of their child’s allergies before sending them off to camp. Most camps make a sincere effort to ensure that the children in their care are not exposed to these foods, but cross-contamination has been known to occur in the kitchen, and sometimes allergies are accidentally left off of the meal preparation notes, causing a young camper to receive a dish that induces an anaphylactic reaction.

Heat stroke

Although outdoor temperatures at rural camps tend to be cooler than those in New York City during the summertime, young campers still spend hours running, exploring, and playing in the heat and sun. If counselors do not ensure that the kids in their charge are properly hydrated, then wearing enough sunscreen, or resting between games, heat stroke can set in. If not treated quickly, then this dangerous condition can damage the central nervous system and lead to death.

Equipment accidents

Summer camps typically have an assortment of outdoor equipment that can, when used improperly or without supervision, cause harm to children. If this equipment has not been maintained correctly, then the potential injury increases. Common examples include slides collapsing while the kids are using it or a swing breaking during vigorous use.

Swimming pool accidents

Swimming pools are a popular camp feature because they offer relief from the heat. Unfortunately, they also contribute to serious injuries. The most common accident is drowning, but slip and falls while running around the pool or hitting one’s head while roughhousing with a friend are also regrettably common.

Child abuse

Recent years have seen an increase in news stories dedicated to child abuse at summer camps. For example, in April 2017 a Long Island camp counselor was charged with sexually touching minors in his care at Kenwal Day Camp in Melville, Suffolk County. For every one case that makes headlines, others are settled privately out of the spotlight. Abuse can also be physical and psychological, causing long-term harm to the victims.

All summer camps have a legal responsibility to prevent these and other injuries. Unfortunately, some organizations are lax in their hiring and training of camp counselors and/or fail to supervise the children in their care properly. If your child is injured as a result, then a personal injury attorney will help you recover damages for medical expenses, pain, and suffering, and other losses, including time you are required to take off work to care for your child, so that financial restraints do not prevent him or her from getting the care they need to recover. Jayson Lutzky is an accident and personal injury lawyer who has helped recover millions for his clients over the years. He offers free in-person consultations and can be reached at 718-514-6619. Visit www.MyNewYorkCityLawyer.com to learn more.