Since 2003, more than two dozen falls have happened at football stadiums around the country. Sprains, broken bones, and fractures are some of the most common outcomes of these accidents. Injuries can also happen in the parking lot or in your vehicle getting to and from the stadium. To fully enjoy the game, keep safety is a priority so that you do not end up hurt.

Stairs are a primary danger for falls in football stadiums. Recognizing the primary danger of stairs, maintenance crews will often mark the edges of steps clearly and employ slip-resistant materials to keep people from falling down. The aging of these materials or inclement weather can increase the risk of getting injured during a game.

While at the event, stay within the bounds of any nets, handrails, or guardrails. In most cases, these precautions are warning you to stay out of a danger zone. Failing to heed these guidelines could lead to you falling or being hit by another person, a food cart, or a ball. When you arrive at the stadium, take note the emergency or first aid location and the exits nearest to you in the event that you need to get out quickly. Help any elderly parties in your group or anyone with medical issues to their seat safely. Watch for any spills on the stairs or other surfaces in the seating area so that you do not accidentally take a fall.

In order to enjoy the game and avoid increasing your chances of an accident, arrive at the stadium well in advance of the game. Stay patient with traffic afterwards if it is difficult to leave the arena; cars in a hurry to leave can make even a parking-lot fender bender the source of serious injuries.

If you were injured at a stadium due to da dangerous condition, then you may be able to sue to receive compensation for you injuries. This compensation may include money for medical bills, lost wages and past and future pain and suffering. Contact the law office of Jayson Lutzky, P.C. to set up your free in-person initial consultation. Mr. Lutzky has over three decades of experience and has helped his clients obtain millions in settlements and judgments. Call 718-514-6619 to learn more about your options and visit to learn more about Mr. Lutzky.