Slow and steady wins the race, as proved by a January 10, 2013 New York Law Journal article. Scott Silverman, a speeding driver sued Edward Johnson, a garbage truck driver, and the garbage truck’s employer. Under respondent superior, the employer is liable for the torts of his employee, while in the ordinary course of job duties. In this case, the accident constitutes as the tort and the garbage truck driver was operating the vehicle during his normal work functions. Although the sanitation driver disobeyed a number of traffic laws, they were performed with a reasonable duty of care. The sanitation driver directed two of his co-workers to guide him on his path, as well as to caution other drivers of the hazardous situation. The speeding driver was driving at excessive speeds, too fast to avoid an accident with a sanitation vehicle. The jury ruled in favor of the garbage truck driver because the speeding driver was negligent and reckless in his driving.

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