Remarks made by television religious host Pat Robertson on divorcing a spouse who has Alzheimer has sparked a great debate, as reported by the New York Times in a September 16th 2011 article.
Although majority of the public appears to be greatly offended by Mr. Robertson some people in the medical field are coming to Mr. Robertson’s defense. Alzheimer and dementia patients suffer from a disease that destroys the memory portion of the brain, which makes the person lose decades of memories, relationships and knowledge.
Many have scrutinized Mr. Robertson’s remarks that condoned a spouse of a dementia patient to start a relationship with another. However, it has been shown that many people who suffer from these grave illnesses form new relationships as well. It is very common for those individuals dealing with this disease to form new relationships and love interest with people who they are around daily, and since the illness erases the memory these patients have no clue that they are already married.
Many people in the medical field have expressed their main grievance with Mr. Robertson’s remarks was the fact that he, in a way, encouraged a spouse to practically abandon their suffering spouse. Although the spouse cannot remember the details, they still do better when their spouse is around to support them.
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