Amusement parks are not always amusing and can sometimes even prove deadly. One woman riding a roller coaster in 2013 at the Arlington, Texas Six Flags amusement park was ejected 75 feet from the ride to her death according to a July 12, 2014 Star-Telegram article. The family of the deceased has filed a lawsuit against Six Flags, the rider’s manufacturer as well as the ride’s local distribution company. The family is asking for at least $1 million in compensation. Gerstlauer, a German company, is the ride manufacturer. The fact that there are foreigners involved has complicated the case slightly as there are restrictions on deposition procedures for foreign nationals. The case was in mediation, but that has been to no avail. The lawsuit is scheduled for trial in January, but now that there has been additional investigation, the judge may put the case back into mediation. The trial may last between one and one-and-a-half months.

In addition to this suit, Six Flags and the Gerstlauer are suing each other. Six Flags says that there was a product defect, and the manufacturer says the park did not operate the ride correctly. Six Flags allegedly received “test” seats before the accident. After the accident, these were put on display for people to try out to make sure they would fit on the ride before they went on the ride. The same is true for seatbelts. This alleged negligence is why Gerstlauer blames Six Flags for the accident. Six Flags claims that they followed all the manufacturer’s directions properly and that is why they blame Gerslauer for the accident.

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