Our self-esteem is tied closely to our appearance, which is why scars and other disfigurements that result from a catastrophic accident can be so devastating. Although plastic surgery can correct physical scarring to a certain extent, it can take months of medical treatment and psychological counseling to help you deal with what happened.

Accidents that can commonly lead to permanent scarring include:

  • Burns: Burns from fire, chemicals, or electricity can leave scars and cause severe damage to nerves, tendons, and muscles.  Burn injuries can require a series of painful surgeries to correct.
  • Collisions: Shattered windshields, striking the steering wheel, or hitting your head on the side window can all cause lacerations that leave you permanently disfigured.
  • Animal attacks. Animal bites to the face can tear your skin, facial muscles, and other tissue. Every year, thousands of people require plastic surgery to correct the damage done by a dog or other animal.

Visible scars can cause you to feel self-conscious and distressed while out in public. No matter how cheerful and extroverted you were in the past, facial scars, in particular, may make you withdraw and suffer psychological damages like hopelessness and depression.

There are also physical effects. Scar tissue is denser than regular skin, so they can limit your ability to move freely. If you worked at an occupation that required you to be mobile, then your ability to work is impacted. Facial scars can prevent you from smiling, frowning, and other facial movements, so if you used to work with the public, such work might no longer be possible. Sometimes surgery will improve your mobility and appearance, but you’ll always feel and look different than you did before.

If you were injured on the job and suffered permanent scarring of the face, head, or neck, you may be entitled to a scheduled award, then the maximum of which is $20,000. If your injuries resulted from a drunk or distracted driver, a defective product that burned or exploded, or another situation involving third-party negligence, then a New York personal injury attorney will fight to ensure that you receive compensation that covers:

  • Medical treatment and rehabilitative procedures such as cosmetic surgery
  • Physical therapy if the scarring impacts your mobility
  • Occupational therapy if the scars leave you unable to reasonably do the job you used to do before the accident
  • Counseling with a mental health professional who can help you process the trauma and move forward with your life

These treatments and supports are necessary to help those with significant scarring, especially in the face and neck area, and your attorney will pursue a financial recovery that covers the costs of everything you need to deal with the losses and rebuild.

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