Valentine’s Day was only a week ago, so you may have just returned from a romantic getaway for you and your significant other at one of New York’s most lavish hotels. It looked amazing on its website, with luxurious rooms, great dining options, an elegant pool, and more. You naturally assumed that the managers of such a property have taken extra care to ensure that its guests enjoy a safe stay.

Everywhere in the State of New York, hotels owe a duty of care to their guests. That duty includes repairing known defects, keeping floors and stairways unobstructed and dry, and ensuring that all public areas are well-lit. Other responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining proper security measures to prevent guests from being assaulted or becoming victims of theft
  • Keeping the locks on room doors in good working order
  • Controlling pests such as rodents and bed bugs
  • Carrying out background checks prior to hiring staff
  • Keeping elevators functional
  • Ensuring that emergency exit signs are well-lit

While most hotel managers take their responsibility seriously, unexpected things can happen. Hotels, motels, and other accommodation businesses need to be constantly maintained and follow high safety standards throughout the premises. When a manager fails to notice and correct a potentially dangerous situation, guests can be seriously hurt. Examples include:

  • Unsteady pool equipment such as a shaky or loose diving board
  • Bunched-up rugs that represent trip hazards
  • Unmopped spills and melted snow
  • Malfunctioning elevators and cluttered stairwells
  • Shuttle or bus issues
  • Poorly maintained gym equipment
  • Poor food preparation practices that result in food poisoning

Room fires due to electrical malfunction and even criminal attacks from hotel employees and third parties have even been known to happen.

When a hotel manager does not regularly inspect the premises, keep them reasonably safe, and warn guests of any known dangerous conditions (either directly or pay posting easily visible warning signs), the duty of care has been breached. For example, if food storage conditions are below par and someone becomes seriously ill, then the hotel has breached its duty. It may even be held accountable for criminal actions committed against guests by staff, even though such behavior was neither condoned nor known about in advance.

If you or the person you love were injured at a hotel in the city during your Valentine’s Day getaway, then contact a New York personal injury attorney. Depending on the nature, location, and extent of your injuries, recoverable damages include current and future medical expenses, loss of wages and/or earning ability, and pain and suffering. Your attorney will help you seek the compensation you need to recover and hold the hotel managers accountable for the carelessness or negligence that caused your stay to end the way it did.