The New York Scaffolding Law, or the New York Labor Law, NY Code Section 240, has been a source of political arguments for years. The good news is that lawmakers are open to talking about how to resolve the arguments once and for all. Whatever comes out of the talks won’t make everyone happy, but hopefully an agreement can be made so both sides can live with.

The infamous New York Scaffolding Law was written in the late 1800s, and its purpose was to protect construction workers who were building the city’s skyscrapers in New York City. However, the main issue of the law is that it placed all of the blame for accidents on the construction companies and contractors, and it doesn’t look at the employees’ actions.

This has been an issue for construction companies and contractors because they feel that the law does not protect them. While the law was originally put into place in order to provide relief for construction workers, it doesn’t give much support, if any, to the companies involved. They feel as if the law is now antiquated and needs to be reformed to so that they are protected as well.

One of the biggest opponents to the law is Sheldon Silver, the ex-Assembly speaker.[1] He recently stepped down from the position after he was accused securing millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks. Since then, things have shifted in the arguments a bit. In addition, Silver will no longer be a part of the state budget decisions. While this is all good news for proponents of the Scaffolding Law, it has done nothing to help the opponents of the controversial law.

The reform in the Scaffolding Law has been a long time coming. Time will tell if there will be any changes made. In the meantime, there continue to be hundreds of lawsuits being filed by injured construction workers.

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