As cameras have become more commonly used for social media purposes, it is no surprise that the interest in cameras has extended to using them inside vehicles for protection purposes. Rearview cameras are already an optional feature in many newer vehicle models, and lawmakers are seeing to it that this is mandatory going forward.

At a recent conference discussing trends in rearview cameras and vehicle safety, it was officially revealed that the 2015 Ford F-150 has safety cameras in five different locations across the vehicle. It was also announced that the up and coming “Super Duty” truck will have seven separate cameras. These cameras are essential for increasing the visibility for drivers, allowing them to see easily in multiple different directions and prevent dangerous car accidents.

In addition to notifying a driver about the presence of pedestrians ahead of the vehicle, front-facing vehicle technology can help a car maintain a position inside a driving lane using the same technology that has already been deployed for self-parking purposes.

According to research, a high number of deaths from vehicle-related accidents are due to the vehicle leaving the current lane. Distraction is a leading cause of these accidents and deaths, which is why the cameras could be critical for reducing accidents, serious injuries, and even fatalities.

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