Making the final determination to move forward with a divorce is not easy for anyone, even if you suspect in the back of your mind that this is the right decision for you. Planning ahead carefully and speaking with a New York divorce attorney can help to dispel some of the most common myths associated with getting a divorce. Careful thought and introspection can be helpful when making a choice like this.

Ultimately, this is a personal decision that you must make on your own, but there are several questions you can consider before deciding to move forward with a divorce. Remember that you do have other options such as getting a legal separation. This gives you some time to reconsider the decision about getting divorced but also gives you a legal framework to address some of the most common questions and concerns associated with the marriage like child support or spousal support. Consider the following questions when determining whether or not to move forward with the divorce:

  • On a day-to-day basis, are you happy?
  • Are the bad times overwhelming the good?
  • Does your marriage fulfill you?
  • Are there any steps I can take to address the problems in the marriage?
  • Is my spouse willing to participate in these measures to address the problems?

Many individuals who opt to get a divorce in New York may have already tried other avenues like couple’s counseling or a legal separation before making the final decision to get divorced. Even when you know it is in your best interest to move forward with a divorce, it can be difficult to take the legal steps necessary. Consulting with a New York divorce attorney can give you a better understanding of all of your options so that you are fully prepared for what to expect. Jayson Lutzky is  Bronx divorce and family law attorney who offers free in-person consultations. Call 718-514-6619 to set up your consultation. His office is conveniently located one block away from the 183rd Street stop of the 4-train. Mr. Lutzky has over 32 years of legal experience and is ready to answer your questions. Visit to learn more about New York State’s divorce law.