Within the four major sport’s leagues in the United States: Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League and the National Hockey League, there are very few gay active players today. The reason being is that the public usually looks down on these gay athletes. Moreover, these gay athletes are afraid that their teammates will also look down on them and treat them like an outcast. This is something that they don’t want and they try to avoid this at all costs because they have to deal with their teammates on a regular basis.
However, Washington Wizard’s player Jason Collins recently came out as being gay. Today, he is the first gay “active male athlete in a major sport,” as reported by the Washington Post in a May 8, 2013 news article. After Collins’ confession, Collins received great support from his fellow athletes and the public which every gay athlete yearns for. He was actually very shocked at the responses that he received. Collins received a lot of his support from Democrats, college graduates, those under thirty years of age, and same sex marriage supporters. He even received a personal telephone call from the President himself, yes President Obama, and he has the support of some celebrities.
Since Collins is the first active gay athlete and the public welcomed this news, he has opened the door for other gay athletes to come out. Gay athletes want the support of their teammates, fellow athletes and the public because they deal with these groups of people every day and want to be accepted rather than treated like an outcast.

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