New York is easing into fall, and as the temperatures drop, it is a good reminder to prepare your car for the long winter ahead. As the leaves start to change, you should evaluate setting up car protection for months of winter driving. Making sure that your car is ready for colder temperatures and precipitation could be essential for reducing the chances of a serious accident.

If temperatures drop below freezing on a regular basis, then lighter-weight oil is appropriate, and the coolant should contain ethylene glycol that has a 60-40 coolant-to-water ratio. Windshield washer fluid should also have an antifreeze component with it. It’s worth a trip to the mechanic for an overall check of your battery, too. The mechanic should inspect the battery for concerns with cables, age, the level of distilled water, and charge.

Alongside these basic safety tips, you might also want to consider the benefits of snow tires. While an emergency kit in your car is something, you should carry all year round, supplement it during the winter with extra blankets, socks, and boots.

As with any winter weather potential, check out the forecast before hitting the road. Always inform someone where you are headed and keep supplies in your car in case you get stuck somewhere. The winter period is also home to some of the most popular holiday travel days of the year, so the roads will be more congested. People attempting to make the most of limited time off from work may not pay full attention to dangerous road conditions, making car accidents more likely. Pay attention to your vehicle the weather, and erratic behavior of other drivers. Keeping your eyes on the road and being aware of possible hazards can significantly reduce the chances that you will be injured in a serious car accident.

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