Judge Drager brings back an action to enforce a prenuptial agreement signed in Manhattan, after the wife tried to go against it in a Singapore court, where the couple is now residing, according to the New York Law Journal on May 30, 2012. The couple signed a prenuptial agreement, waiving rights to seek maintenance in case of a divorce, in the presence of counsel.

However, when they filed for divorce in 2010, the wife sought interim and permanent spousal support. The Husband brought action in Manhattan to have the prenuptial agreement declared enforceable. Although the Judge Drager dismissed the action on inconvenient forum ground, she recently brought the case back, as the wife stated that she had signed the contract under fraudulent conditions. Since the case is now about the conditions surrounding the execution of the contract, New York is now a convenient forum. The judge noted that the wife merely wanted to avoid the terms of the contract, and it was not fraud as she did not raise any concerns during the course of her marriage.

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