Pharmacists and pharmacy professionals have an obligation to provide safe and quality medical care to patients. When they are negligent in their responsibilities regarding the standard of care (for example, causing someone to take the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage), serious illness, permanent injury and even death can occur. According to the Institute of Medicine, up to 1.5 million people in the United States become ill due to pharmacy medication errors each year, and nearly 7,000 of them end up dying.

Pharmacist errors have given rise to litigation across the country as patients and/or their survivors demand substantial damage awards to compensate them for their pain and losses.

Examples of negligent conduct by New York pharmacy professionals include:

  • Mistakes in dosage instructions
  • Labeling medication incorrectly
  • Dispensing the wrong prescription to the wrong patient
  • Prescription refills without proper authorization
  • Failing to check a patient’s allergy details and other important medical information
  • Misreading prescription receipts and labels
  • Failing to warn about potentially serious side effects
  • Failing to warn about serious drug interactions

Consequences of pharmacist error

A pharmacy error can cause serious consequences like the following:

  • Catastrophic drug interactions
  • Allergic reactions
  • Permanent injuries
  • Fatalities

If you feel ill after taking prescription medication and suspect that an error was made, the first step you should make is to contact your doctor or the closest hospital, so as to minimize any risks to your health. Then put together all possible evidence to support your assertion that the prescription you were given was incorrect.  For example:

  • Copies of the original prescription
  • The bottle or container that the drug came in
  • The names of everyone involved (pharmacist, assistants, )
  • Records of the medical treatment you received as a consequence of the error

Once it is proven that a pharmacist has committed an act of negligence, liability is imposed on them for the consequences of the mistake. Regardless if they are employed in a pharmacy, clinic or hospital, they will be liable to compensate victims and/or their families for medical treatment, disability, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, wrongful death and other expenses and losses caused by their error. In some cases victims may be awarded additional punitive damages intended to punish the pharmacist for their mistake and deter similar conduct in the future.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed due to pharmacist malpractice, contact a New York personal injury attorney immediately to pursue a claim against the professional in question. They will advise you of your rights and assist you with recovering any compensation you are entitled to so that you can cover current and future medical bills and financial expenses and gradually move toward recovery. Jayson Lutzky has helped clients obtain millions in settlements for personal injury and accident cases over the past 33 years. If you were injured due to a pharmacist’s error, then you may be entitled to compensation. Call 718-514-6619 to set up a free in-office consultation with Mr. Lutzky.