Statements made by highly publicized right-winged religious leader Pat Robinson may have gone a little too far this time for him to be saved, as reported in a September 16th, 2011 New York Times news article.
Mr. Robinson reportedly gave the green light for one of his callers to divorce his wife because she suffered from an extreme case of Alzheimer and could no longer remember her spouse well. The caller stated that it was his friend who was dealing with this issue and that his friend had started to resent God for destroying his spouse. Mr. Robinson replied that he hated the disease and could understand why divorce was an option.
Mr. Robinson’s statements were worsened after his co-host stated that the marriage vows were supposed to be “until death do us part.” Mr. Robinson rebutted stating that Alzheimer was “a kind of death.”
The statements made on Mr. Robinson’s 700 Club morning show has not only angered the religious community but the medical community as well. Studies have shown that although the patient suffering with the disease may not remember the specifics of their spouse, they still feel familiar with them. This familiarity creates a sense of comfort and can help the patient live longer than if the patient was placed into medical care.
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