Child support payments are awarded by the court. The parent who is not living with the children is usually the one who is ordered to pay child support payments to the parent whom the child is living with. Child support payments usually occur until the child turns eighteen however the age can vary due to the circumstances. If one neglects to pay child support payments, then he or she will have to pay the missed payments eventually.

Pedro Quezada who is the winner of the close to three hundred and forty million dollars in a Powerball jackpot had to pay about thirty thousand dollars in back dated child support payments as reported by CNN in an April 2, 2013 news article. There was a warrant issued for him however since the child support payments are now paid off everything is cleared up and he has a so called clean slate. Now that he is able to take care of his children financially, he wants his children to live with him.

According to the law, a person who plays the lottery and wins more than about six hundred dollars is first checked to see if he or she owes any taxes and child support payments before he or she receives the lottery payment. If the person owes anything, then the amount will be deducted from his or her winnings and whatever is left will be awarded to the person. This ensures that one does not get away without paying his or her taxes, or child support payments or other liens that might be against him or her.

There are many diverse circumstances in which one is owed child support or in when one must pay child support. If you are divorced or separated and you have custody of a child from your marriage, then you should consider speaking with an attorney regarding child support. Attorney Jayson Lutzky has 30 years of experience practicing law. His office is located in the Bronx, New  York and he offers free in person consultations. He can help you understand what you are fairly entitled to and offers quality representation in court. Call 718-514-6619 to set up an appointment or visit for more information.