The state is finally updating the laws that govern their child support and custody disputes. The laws had not been modified since 2001. In 2012, lawmakers sought to obtain as many comments, reviews, and suggestions as possible from family law judges. Based on the information gathered lawmakers have made the following changes to their governing laws.

The law has now been updated to allow certain communication technologies to be used by the non-custodial parents to increase their visitation. Parents are now encouraged to communicate more with their children by telephone, email, and video chat. It is a way for the non-custodial parent to remain in contact with their child, even though they do not have physical access to them every day. Another major change is the court will not be more encouraging of the parents creating a yearlong custody schedule instead of monthly or temporary. This schedule should include all planned vacations, religious events and activities, family reunions, and school functions.  The court noted that they believe that if the parents are required to create this together, then it will help eliminate conflicts. Several other major changes have been made to the state’s laws. All of the changes are focused on allowing the child more opportunity to spend time with both of their parents. These changes are to take effect within the next month.

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