South Carolina has a big problem on their hands. Millions of social security numbers, credit card numbers, and debit card numbers were hacked and stolen in South Carolina, as reported by the WBTV in an online October 28, 2012 news article.

According to the news article roughly 77% of South Carolina residents had their information comprised after a state agency’s website was hacked into. The state’s Governor stepped in and alerted the residents about the situation and the immediate steps they must undertake to protect themselves against identity-theft.

The hacker appears to come from a foreign country and gained access through breaching the agency’s server. There were approximately 387,000 credit and debit cards unencrypted and exposed by the hacker. Furthermore, the hacker gained access to review 3.6 million social security numbers of individuals residing in the state.

State officials are investigating further into the cyber hacker but have not released any information at this time. Credit card identity theft and fraud is one of the biggest issues consumers can face. A hacker can use the consumer’s information and cause major damage to the consumer’s credit.

To help prevent credit card theft and fraud it is important for the consumer to constantly check the monthly activity and statements on their cards.

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