The goal of continued child support payment is to ensure that parents are able to take  care of their children and to make sure that they are able provide financial support for them. Society believes that it is not fair that one parent should be completely responsible for providing the necessities and financial support while the other parent does contribute financially or help with the children and/or goes out and make more children. Moreover, avoiding child support payment will not make it go away; rather it will accumulate and will have to be paid sooner or later. As a result, in most states, law enforcement officials will obtain a warrant and will go after those dead beat parents who have neglected to pay child support, and are hiding or trying to run away from the police is definitely not a good idea. States are taking these cases more seriously and they want to make an example of these people with the hope of discouraging others from neglecting to pay their child support.

Recently in Chicago, a warrant was issued for Steven Jones because he owed child support payments totaling about $70,000, as reported by the Huffington Post in a March 31, 2013 article. The local law enforcement officials reported to Jones’ place of employment and they tried to catch him. However, Jones did not open the door when he saw the officials, instead he tried to hide and run away from them. Eventually, Jones was arrested and charged with the “obstruction of service process.”

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