A Connecticut nursing home petitioned the courts seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, after losing a case against in Supreme Court, as reported by Stamford Advocates in a February 25, 2013 online news article. The case was brought against the nursing home by five union representatives who sought to reinstate terms that were negotiated by the union and the nursing home in 2004.

The Supreme Court ruled that the terms were still valid and the nursing home was obligated to follow them. These terms included providing pensions and other financial benefits to all 600 of their employees. Based on the company’s inability to financially support these new terms the company filed for Chapter 11 protection.  In the petition the nursing home noted that their finances were too unstable at this time to full support the new terms.

Even after winning their case the union workers declared that they would be going on strike until March 3rd. Representatives for the union stated that they were not striking due to the nursing home filing for bankruptcy. The nursing home has five location, all five were included all of them in their bankruptcy petition.

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