Many matrimonial attorneys have been up in arms over the confusion caused by the new spousal support laws but the opposite holds to be true with the new no-fault law established around the same time. According to an October 12th, 2011 New York Law Journal article the same attorneys that speak negatively about the new spousal maintenance formula, speak only praises of the no-fault divorce law.
The new law allows a spouse to file for a divorce in New York without placing the blame of the end of the marriage on one of the spouses. Instead, under no-fault divorces it allows one of the spouses to say that the marriage, for at least six months, has been “irretrievably” broken. This makes seeking a divorce simpler and easier than previously.
The no-fault statue allows the spouses to think about the real reasons the marriage did not work out, like money problems instead of looking for a reason that the old law allowed like adultery. Before the no-fault law was placed into effect many New York couples felt they were forced to stay together, now they are no longer forced to do that.
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