bigstock HoneymoonPlanning your wedding is supposed to be a wonderful thing. To arrange the plans on how you will celebrate the union of you and your significant other. However, that was not the case for two women who were turned away from their potential wedding site for the mere fact that it was a gay wedding. According to an October 23, 2012 New York Law Journal article, a same-sex lesbian couple filed a discrimination complaint against the property owners of the site that turned them away for being gay.

The case seems to be the first suit involving a same-sex couple and a wedding venue. Some legal experts believe that this case could be a potential test of New York’s laws regarding religious freedom since the property owners claim that they turned the couple away based on their religious beliefs.

Same-sex marriages have only been legal in New York for a small amount of time, so some of the standards and exemptions are not entirely clear in the legal system. Specifically, many religious-oriented institutions have been exempted from being required to accommodate same-sex marriages and unions. However, it is unclear if the court will find that a wedding venue falls within this exemption.

The suit was filed on October 11, 2012 and is set to be heard in the New York Supreme Court. If the property owners are found to have discriminated against the same-sex couple they may be ordered to pay monetary damages.

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