There have been plenty of technology and public relations efforts associated with texting and driving in recent years and New York may be the first state to set a precedent with a new technology designed to identify drivers at fault for serious accidents. Known as the “textalyzer,” this technology could change the game in terms of accidents caused by texting and driving.

The technology developed by an Israeli company could identify whether or not one or both drivers were using their cellphones in the moments immediately before an accident. There are numerous privacy concerns raised along with the potential for this technology that the New York State legislature is currently considering.

The current version of the textalyzer bill would not give police access to the contents of any text messages or emails sent through the phone, but it would identify whether or not the driver or drivers had been using the phone before the accident happened.

If passed in New York, this could set a precedent for other states around the country to consider using similar technology and it could also lead to a surge in technology creation for similar applications that can determine whether or not an individual was on his or her phone at the scene of an accident. This could also present immediate concerns for determining who is at fault in an accident.

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