The New York State Bar Exam is only offered twice every year, in February and in July, on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of those months.  The exam dates can be found on the New York State Board of Law Examiners website. This year the New York State Bar Exam was originally scheduled for July 28 and July 29. On the exam day, there are test sites throughout New York State that administer the New York State Bar Exam, and the test sites are usually filled with hundreds, maybe thousands of people only sitting a few feet apart from each other since the exam is only given two times per year. Once one passes the exam, they then have to apply for admission in New York.

New York State is facing a deadly virus that is taking the lives of many called COVID-19. In New York, there is social distancing in place by Governor Cuomo as well as a stay at home. The goal of social distancing as well as staying at home is to prevent the virus from further spreading in the state and to reduce the number of deaths. Hence, the July 2020 Bar Exam will be rescheduled to the fall of 2020 pursuant to the March 27, 2020 News Advisory (PDF). The Office of the New York State Board of Law Examiners is closed at this time due to COVID-19.  The fall dates are September 9 and September 10 pursuant to the New York State Board of Law Examiners web site. Some might think that the rescheduling of the Bar Exam is a great thing as they have more time to study and prepare for the long and stressful exam while others might think it is not a good thing as it will delay their admission process provided they pass the bar exam in the fall.

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