Family Attorney

The Nassau County Family Court ruled to not terminate a mother’s parental right for neglect, ruling against the Nassau Department of Social Services. According to a July 27th, 2012 New York Law Journal the mother had two children removed from her custody.

One of the children were reunited with their mother, however, the other child expressed their desire to not be reunited with either parent. The Court granted the child’s request placing him into foster home. Now the Court faces another issue on where the child will permanently reside. The child’s attorney and DSS advocated for the child’s permanent residence to be with the foster parent.

Unfortunately the child’s father objected to the petition which under the APPLA prevents the Court from granting guardianship to the foster parents. At this time the Court ruled that it was not in the best interest to place the child in his parent’s care. The child now resides with his foster parents until the Court can decide on a final ruling.

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