The New York court system as always taken a harsh approach on disciplining juveniles who have found themselves in the legal system, but the chief judge may soon be softening the system, as reported in a September 20th, 2011 New York Times article.
In New York juveniles especially those who are closer to the age of 18, are tried under the adult criminal court system, which has harsher punishments. Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman is now proposing for the juvenile system to change to a less strict system.
Judge Lippman is campaigning for the New York courts to take a less punitive approach when disciplining adolescences. Judge Lippman proposes that those juveniles accused of lesser crimes be brought before the family court system and tried. The family court would focus more on rehabilitating the youth by ordering community service.
However, many officials are worried about funding for these suggested social rehabilitation programs. The court system is already overburdened with financial restraints and the budget does not appear to be increasing anytime soon.
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