A housing dispute was dismissed on the grounds that it dealt with a family relationship, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a decision article published December 5, 2012.

The man, a superintendent, obtained the unit through his employment and sought to evict his ex-girlfriend on the basis that she did not reside with him but was a mere licensee. The couple had been together for roughly 25 years and had lived together for several years. Based on the nature of the pair’s relationship, the ex-girlfriend argued that she had a right to occupy the apartment since they had a familial relationship. The man argued that since they were not married his ex-girlfriend’s argument had no basis.

The court found that for the last several years,  the pair had carried themselves out as an emotionally and financially committed couple. The court favored the ex-girlfriend’s argument stating that her occupancy was solely based on the couple’s relationship. The court therefore dismissed the man’s petition on the grounds they lacked jurisdiction.

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