A New York family court ruled in favor of a wife for legal fees in a messy divorce, reported the New York Law Journal on August 6th, 2011.

A divorcing wife petitioned the New York family court seeking a divorce on the grounds of constructive abandonment, which the husband neither admits nor denies too. After many bitter litigation battles, the New York family court ruled to split the marital property equally between the parties.

They further granted the wife $27,000 annual spousal support on the grounds that she “lacked sufficient income and property to be self-supporting.” Additionally, the courts in their written opinion chastised both of the parties for their “spiteful conduct.” However the courts, did order the husband to pay the wife’s $45,000 for legal bills.

The court explained that the awarded attorney’s fees were not to punish the husband for his behavior but to even the “economic disparity between spouses” since the wife did not have substantial financial resources.

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